The Dream Wedding Dream

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It is almost impossible to imagine an event in someone’s life that is more important than their wedding. A wedding is something some people plan through out their life and hope to only have the event once in their lives. This makes weddings very special events that people pour their hearts and wealth into. Even the smallest mistake can sometimes mean disaster without ever having the opportunity to correct your mistake.

Because of this, for most people the time leading up to the wedding can turn out to be the most stressful time of their lives. A wedding planning phase is a very good tester of the strength of a couple’s love. Sadly, for some couples the very event meant to cement a relationship can end up tearing the very relationship apart. 

The right wedding catering aucklandis a vital piece of the wedding universe which can very well mean the success or the downfall of the wedding. It is difficult sometimes to imagine that one item could turn the outcome so much, however with weddings this is the case with almost all the different parts around a wedding.

While the basic components around a wedding will be the same, everyone will try to make their weddings unique and the most memorable. With weddings making an event doesn’t mean you should make the event bigger. Even with small weddings it is possible to make the event unique. For example, some people will have a simple sunrise church event followed by morning tea catering Auckland to make use of the natural beauty of the harbor at sunrise. Ideas like this can always make an event unique, for all the right or wrong reasons.

To make this all possible is why the wedding industry is a multi-million dollar industry. You will be hard pressed to find a place that doesn’t, in some form or the other, have a way to cater to your wedding. Even if the place doesn’t have, the nearest major city will always have businesses happy to follow you anywhere to host your wedding. However, the sad truth that no one wants to say is the cost of the dream wedding. Spending millions and getting buried under mountains of debt, is what some people’s dream weddings are all about.

The “dream wedding dream” is like the most beautiful bed of roses. What is often forgotten are the thorns that lie under the soft, pretty, red petals. A wedding is the ceremonial and symbolic start to a couple’s life together. However, for some, chasing the dream leads to more nightmares than sweet dreams. Therefore, you want to make the wedding a success, you must remember the purpose of the wedding is to bring two people together, and if this forces them apart, then it is time to look and see if the dream is not just a fantasy.